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Confidence Drilled Into Every Connection

German Engineered. American Made.

Our purpose is simple—deliver the greatest return on every effort, so you get the best possible results for your business. SPAX® Engineered Fasteners drive like butter and hold like iron. Working with us is just as easy and effective. It’s the unique advantage we bring to everything we do. We call it the SPAX Factor™.

The SPAX Factor is a simple formula for working smarter. To multiply results and reduce effort—just add SPAX.

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A Partnership Designed to Grow your Business

Our comprehensive offering allows us to be your single source for engineered fasteners.

  • Our experienced reps will create a custom solution built around your fastener needs
  • Secure faster deliveries and fewer inventory issues thanks to local stock, American manufacturing and agile production lines
  • Increase your profit margins when you use our suggested retail prices
  • Sell a product that contractors want

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Case Study

Driving A Dealer’s Profitability

We analyzed our dealer partner’s fastener category and utilized our comprehensive product offering to help them minimize the number of brands they carry. The final result: the dealer consolidated the category, while still maintaining a complete offering. The consolidation allowed the dealer to take back six feet of shelf space.

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A simple formula for working smarter. To multiply results and reduce effort—just add SPAX.

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Discover The Difference

Order our dealer kit to receive more information and a sample of our products to discover the benefits you can deliver for your customers and your business when you carry our complete line of engineered fasteners.

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Help Your Customers Amplify Their Craft

Performance Backed By Results

SPAX Engineered Fasteners drive like butter and hold like iron. When projects demand the highest structural integrity and efficiency, choose SPAX.

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Innovations For Every Project

Close up of green SPAX PowerLag screw with numbered areas of detail
PowerLags® Engineered Fasteners

The perfect solution for structural exterior and interior wood-to-wood connections.

  1. T-STAR head for reduced stripping

  2. Built-on washer offers outstanding clamping force with a low profile for improved aesthetics

  3. Patented thread serrations require 40% less torque with zero pre-drilling

  4. HCR® Coating is IRC/IBC code compliant for use in treated lumber and exterior exposure condition 3 (general construction)

  5. Heat-treated Grade-5 durability


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Close up of SPAX engineered fastener with numbered areas of detail
Multi-Purpose Engineered Fasteners

For a wide range of construction applications including wood, concrete, masonry, sheet metal and plastic.

  1. T-STAR plus head provides superior bit engagement at nearly any angle
  2. Patented MULTIhead provides flush countersink finish in wood
  3. Patented serrations require 40% less torque with zero pre-drilling
  4. 4CUT™ point prevents board splitting
  5. Heat-treated Grade-5 durability 

Multi-Purpose Construction

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Close up of SPAX stainless steel exterior construction screws with numbered areas of detail
Stainless Steel Engineered Fasteners

For exterior treated lumber decks, including Cedar, Redwoods and coastal environments. 

  1. Low-profile head is perfect for improving deck aesthetics
  2. T-STAR plus trim head provides superior bit engagement at nearly any angle
  3. Double ThreadLok™ pulls and holds boards tight
  4. Patented serrations require 40% less torque with zero pre-drilling
  5. 4CUT point prevents board splitting
  6. 304 stainless steel offers premium corrosion resistance 

Stainless Steel Deck and Construction

SPAX Product Catalog

Your one-stop shop for code compliance, application information and technical specs for the entire SPAX product line, now available to view online.

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For at-a-glance reference on our product line and code certifications, you can also download our Quick Reference Guide.

Meeting (And Exceeding) Expectations

SPAX Engineered Fasteners are ICC-ES and DrJ-Compliant for Construction Applications.
All SPAX Powerlags have been comprehensively tested to ensure only the highest quality engineered fasteners make it to market.

Contractor drilling SPAX screw to attach deck ledger board
Deck Ledger Application

Download the Code Bulletin

Deck joists connected with SPAX fasteners
Multi-Ply Application

Download the Code Bulletin


What makes SPAX engineered fasteners different than other fastener products?

Strength and job site efficiency innovations such as our patented 4-CUT point, serrated threads, HCR-X™ coating for advanced corrosion resistance, ZERO pre-drilling and comprehensive product testing means SPAX Engineered Fasteners are the most advanced fastener product on the market, providing the power to keep your projects connected stronger for longer.

Can SPAX engineered fasteners be used in treated lumber?

Yes! Our 304 series stainless steel deck and construction screws, as well as our multi-purpose construction screws with HCR-X™ and PowerLags® with high corrosion resistant (HCR®) coatings, are compatible with ACQ lumber.

Do SPAX engineered fasteners require pre-drilling for ICC and DrJ code-compliance?

No. Unlike traditional lags, SPAX PowerLags® are IRC/IBC code compliant and DrJ code-compliant for deck ledger attachment multi-ply applications and do not require pre-drilling for full strength ratings, offering dramatically increased installation speed across your projects.