Driving Innovation Into Every Connection

No matter the home project, SPAX® Engineered Fasteners help you drive with more strength, greater speed and lasting beauty. Amplify your craft with SPAX.

+ Multi-Ply Sawn Lumber Assemblies
+ Uplift Truss/Rafter Connection
+ Multi-Ply Engineered Wood Assemblies [LVL,LSL,PSL]
+ Window Install
+ Pergola Assembly
+ Cabinet Hanging and Assembly
+ Subfloor
+ Privacy Fence Attachment
+ Deck Ledger Attachment
+ Deck Board Fastening
+ Deck Post
Deck and Construction Screws

Deck and Construction Screws offer premium corrosion protection in treated lumber, cedar and redwood, as well as other exterior applications. Available in stainless steel and a variety of colors for use with composite decking.

PowerLags® for Log Homes and Timber Frame Construction

PowerLags® for Log Homes and Timber Frame Construction are engineered specifically for log and timber frame construction.