When you ask, we listen. We’ve designed our accessories with the same careful engineering as our fasteners, ensuring they’re versatile enough that you’re never left wanting on a job. From bits created with extended lengths to deck spacers that accommodate four different widths, every tool here helps you complete the job with the quality and efficiency you depend on from us. In your ever-changing lineup of projects, SPAX is the common denominator.

Featured Spax Accessories


Eight bit types designed in multiple lengths to fit any SPAX fastener, so you're guaranteed to always have the right tool with you.

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PLASTI-GRIP® ci Prong Insulation Washers

Save labor time with patented prongs that enable pre-spotting for easy on-the-wall fastening of rigid insulation.

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Deck Spacer

The perfect deck installation is in the details. SPAX deck spacers ensure uniform gaps between boards for a polished, professional install, with the versatility of 4 different deck spacing dimensions.

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Deck Joist & Beam Flashing Tape

Protect decks from moisture and rotting with durable, high-strength SPAX deck joist and beam flashing tape, made to create a tight seal around deck screws.

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