Superior Hold Insulation Manufacturers Recommend

Attach rigid insulation to masonry/foundation walls, wood, steel and more with SPAX® Plasti-Grip® ci Prong Insulation Washers. These patented prongs enable pre-spotting for easy on-the-wall fastening and enhanced energy efficiency. And with no hand assembly required, they’re a perfect, labor-saving solution.

  • 1 – ¾” diameter plastic washer provides superior holding power.
  • Compatible with nails and screws. Recommended SPAX® #8 or #10 construction screws with minimum fastener head of ¼” diameter.
  • Rigid insulation attachment solutions for foundation and basement walls, garages, barns, crawl spaces, attics and all interior/exterior walls and ceilings.
  • Designed to reduce thermal bridging and air infiltration.
  • Recommended by leading insulation manufacturers.
Insulation Washer Applications