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SPAX® Engineered Fasteners are designed to drive faster and hold stronger. We have a product for every step of your decking build.

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We’ve Got You Covered at Every Connection

Mitigate Water Damage and Weathering with our Superior Engineered Exterior Decking Fasteners

To get an idea how many fasteners you need for your deck project use our calculator.


Rely on unmatched pulling power and perpetual hold. SPAX 304 series stainless steel offers premium corrosion resistance.

Use for: Wood Deck Board Fastening, Railing Baluster Applications


Replace conventional lags with our powerhouse structural fasteners. The perfect solution for wood-to-wood connections and code recognized for deck ledger attachment.

Use for: Deck Ledger Attachment, Deck Post

Multi-Purpose Fasteners

Our most versatile collection of fastening solutions. For decking projects, rely on our proprietary HCR-X™ coating is code recognized for use in treated lumber and offers excellent corrosion resistance.

Use for: Wood Deck Board Fastening, Railing Baluster Applications


Rely on our seamless solution for fasteners virtually disappear for clean exterior trim and spindle applications.

Use for: Spindles, Fascia

Composite Deck Screws

COMING SOON - Q3 2022!  The ideal fasteners for a clean finish while installing most major brands of composite deck boards to your exterior deck project.

Use for: Composite Deck Board Fastening

Everything Else You Need For Perfect Decks

Deck Board Spacer

The perfect deck installation is in the details. SPAX deck spacers ensure uniform gaps between boards for a polished, professional install, with the versatility of 4 different deck spacing dimensions.

SPAX deck joist and beam flashing tape product

Deck Joist & Beam Flashing Tape

Protect decks from moisture and rotting with durable, high-strength SPAX deck joist and beam flashing tape, made to create a tight seal around deck screws.

DECK2WALL® Spacers

Protect your ledger board connections by adding spacing for proper drainage with DECK2WALL Spacers, approved for use with SPAX PowerLags.

Buy less do more Rely on SPAX to use 200% less fasteners for deck ledgers


Decking Project Calculator

Enter the information below to determine how many deck board fasteners and rolls of joist tape you'll need for your project.

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Deck Building Tips from the #SPAXCrew

Save time and don’t pre-cut your deck boards. Run them long cut them all at once to get a perfect overhang.

Mark Clement

Consider reinforcing your ledger board by butting up a 2’x6’ under it and then securing it with a 2’x4’ over top of both. This cleat is a great belt-and-suspenders approach to safety.

Mark Clement

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