Matt Moore - Matt Moore Designs & Cabinetry

Matt Moore Designs is a custom high end cabinetry and furniture manufacturer in north east Florida. I use SPAX multi-purpose screws in every application of my custom work from hanging cabinetry in custom homes to building one off custom pieces of furniture. I feel SPAX has combined the strength and durability that I expect out of fasteners with the aesthetic and finish that fits right inline with the products I produce. Working by myself is one of my daily struggles but having a fastener that I know will stay on the bit gives me ease of mind. I have tried many different fasteners over the years, and have found none that look, perform, and last as well as SPAX does. I will never go back!

Geoff Blitzer - Yellow Fox Designs

SPAX® products have been my go-to screws and lags in my shop for years. From construction projects to furniture building, they have the best products. The screws and lags are well designed and are far superior to other like brands. Even though the hardware is rarely ever seen in the final piece, I know that it will last a lifetime, because I choose to use SPAX®!

Raechal Petris - Desert Woodworks

A few years ago I was looking for an inexpensive screw that wasn’t so difficult to drill into wood. As I have educated myself in carpentry I realized that every piece that goes into my finished product is important. The wood screws I had been using kept stripping and required pre-drilling as well as a drill bit to countersink the screw. This can make building a lengthy production!

I was on Amazon looking for a new screw and I came across the SPAX® Assortment Kit. For $12, I honestly thought I’d give these screws a shot. They literally became a game changer in my building. The SPAX® Advantage is what sold me. The Countersinks screw flush with material, which makes for quicker and easier fastening in my builds. There is no pre-drilling and no splitting. I have since invested in numerous types of SPAX® products. My favorite are their T-Star screws. My drill bit fits perfectly into their star shape and makes fastening effortless!

I joined the SPAX® family because I knew this was an awesome product I wanted to be involved with and that I would use for life. They’ve changed the way I build and given me the confidence to know that the furniture I build with last a lifetime. The cost is efficient, the product is invaluable, and the customer service is flawless. Their motto could not fit their product more perfectly, “Do it once. Do it Right.”  Thanks SPAX®!!

Mark Clement (Contractor)

To me, SPAX® screws--especially the #10 x 3 HCRX-coated Multi-Material Screw--is about as close to screw perfection as can be reached. I certainly haven't used a more versatile, step-saving, and durable screw. The drive--T-Star Plus--is the best drive I've ever used. It's hard to cam the driver out, the bit has so much surface area--along with a centering lug--it makes great contact with the fastener. It can be used indoors and out. In joist hangers. And--AND--it can be used as a concrete screw. It saves time and saves money. I also love the washer-head Power Lags for decks, beams, pergolas and other structural connections. I've bombed them into everything from 6x6 PT in deck framing to 3 1/2-inches of LVL in an interior remodel. The science and engineering that goes into the not-so-simple helix is awesome. . And, if I need to step down to a #8 for anything from a drywall repair to woodworking connections, I don't have to change bits. I've even used them in site-made pocket hole connections. They're on my truck for every job.

Brad Rodriguez - FixthisBuildThat.com

I love the SPAX® screws ability to cut through wood without needing a pilot hole and without splitting the wood.  This saves a lot of time during the build process not having to switch between drills. And the torx heads and bits make a great combo and reduce stripped screws to almost nothing.

Chad Chamberlain (Contractor) - Chamberlain Custom Creations

Anywhere you look on one of my projects you will find SPAX® POWERLAGS®. I rely on their strength and durability to hold all my framing together. The T-Star washer head is great for pulling my dual member beams tight together. They are much better than the competitors small heads that pull through rather than tight. I build EVERYTHING with SPAX® PowerLags®!

Rob Rein - Ginger Woodworks

Each project I complete matters, and the materials I select lead to success. SPAX® screws allow me to be confident in the long term beauty of my creations.